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My mother is currently undergoing treatment at an alternative clinic for cancer of the lung.  She has never smoked in her life but probably has been around passive smokers.

The medical profession have told her there is no cure and she will die so she figured she had nothing to lose.  

She has taken with her a zapper which she purchased a while ago.  She did the zapper, the model no is RG4 I think, for two weeks before she flew out, having done it daily.

The tumour marker the clinic tested came back as 9.4 which is extremely low considering this was lung cancer.  5 and below is normal.  They said that most patients at the beginning of their treatment, are around the 2,000 to 3,000 mark and I am convinced the zapper has had this effect amongst other things she was taking at the time.

They are giving her co-enzyme Q-10 amongst other nutritional supplements but they have never heard of the zapper so she stopped doing it.  I want her to continue but I am writing to check that there is no harm in doing the zapper and combining its use with other treatments as well as supplements the clinic are offering her.

I am not sure how long one is supposed to do the zapper for anyway and if there is a problem with cancer, does this not extend the time one should use the zapper for?  Any knowledge on this subject would be gratefully accepted.

I know the zapper has helped her tremendously and I don't want her to stop doing it.  I hope you can find the time to reply to this e-mail very shortly so I can tell her to continue with the zapper with confidence.  There is no time to lose.

I thank you very much. Yours very gratefully


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