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Who was Dr.Clark
Who was Dr. Clark

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Diseases And Protocols

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On July 8th 1999, my world came crumbling down. My Mother (who is 64) was diagnosed with Cancer. The Dr. said it was in her spine, and gave her 6 months to live. She refused Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments, because she feels they are a cut & burn process and not a cure, and she did not want to endure the suffering of the treatments.

(I lost my Dad 4 years ago to leukemia, he did endure the Chemotherapy and it did him no good, and within 6 months after he was diagnosed, he passed away.)
I had the book "Cure for all Cancers" by Dr. Hulda Clark tucked away in my dresser drawer because I had bought it years ago thinking the knowledge might come in handy someday.

Anyway, I was desperate to help Mom. I got out the book, made a phone call to one of the numbers in the back of the book and obtained the ingredients with one single phone call, and Mom began following the treatment.

We really didn't see any immediate changes. The Doctor gave Mom some prescription pain pills, and she was taking them after she was diagnosed. Soon after following Dr. Clarks treatment Mom's back pain began to cease, and she completely stopped taking the prescription pain pills and continued with the herbs for the treatment.

All of the month of August she was completely pain free, and she did not take one prescription pain pill for over 30 days!! A couple days in September she stopped taking the herbs and within 3 days her severe back pain began to return. She began taking the herbs again, and within 2 days, there was improvement in her back, and as of today (October 3rd) she is once again pain free.

This week we re-ordered another shipment of herbs from the company and she is now back on scheduele with her herbs. Meanwhile the half-full prescription pain pills still sit on the shelf. Mom looked at me the other day and said: "Where would I be right now if it wasn't for these herbs?"

We both agree that this treatment IS helping her, and even if it doesnt CURE her cancer, its making her last days QUALITY PAIN-FREE Days that otherwise might have her in the hospital full of drugs.

I would like to hereby voice my opinion to FREE DR. CLARK. I think that as American Citizens, we have a RIGHT to treat ourselves to natural alternative medicines. Dr. Clark is providing a SERVICE, and we are making an informed DECISION to follow what she suggests, or reject it.

I am all for alternative medicines and treating my body with NATURAL remedies instead of CHEMICAL pain/ailment blockers that only numb the pain and sometimes make the patient unaware of their surroundings or family members.      Please, don't take away this freedom.     "TG"  

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