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Who was Dr.Clark
Who was Dr. Clark

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Diseases And Protocols
Diseases And Protocols

Read excerpts from the books of Dr. Hulda Clark
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A sister was in the hospital 2600 miles away. She was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour of the brain; one that was rarely seen in people over thirty years of age. Lydia was sixty-six.

My kid sister and I are both strong believers in Hulda Clark’s remedy as outlined in her book, The Cure for All Cancers. So much so that, when we both felt an inner urge to go to New Brunswick and administer the cure, we headed out together, quickly.

Lydia was in bad shape when we arrived at the hospital. We lost no time in giving her the first dose of Artemesia absynthium (Wormwood), cloves, and tincture of black walnut.  We were staying at her place, and the day after our arrival her doctor phoned. She gave us her prognosis, which was not good. She said that our sister had approximately three months to live, most of which would be in a comatose state.

That day we went back to the hospital and administered another dose of wormwood, etc. We did the same the next day, and on the fourth visit she got out of bed, did a little dance on her way to the bathroom, staggered a bit on her return to bed, and then grinned at us.

With the fifth dose we knew the cancer was cured, but there was still the damage it had done to be healed. Her doctor, surprised at her quick recovery, had her taken to the Laboratory for more x-rays.

Much to the lady’s surprise the tumour had shrunk to half its size! In the following fifteen days it disappeared completely. We made sure, Frank, her husband, had a quantity of the medications on hand and knew how to dispense them in the proper format, and then made a last visit to the hospital to say goodbye.

 “I asked the doctor if she could explain how come I’m getting better,” she told us.

“What did she say?” Carol asked.

“She said, she didn’t have a clue, but to keep doing whatever it is that I’m doing.”

“Did she ask what it was?” I asked.

“No. She just hurried out of the room.”

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