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Thank you for your reply. I will also follow your site for suggestions

Corrine my 16 1/2 year old has a intercervical medullar tumor.

Located in her brainstem. Astrocytoma. On her breathing nerve, Dx Jan- 02 doctors say was there since birth triggered by hormones to grow when she was 13. She never had any signs that would suggest this as she was growing up, of course now that I know more, I see thinking back how it was missed .And Why. Medical insurance doesn't pay for testing and doctors don't follow up or believe in what causes these cancers. The signs were there.

When Corrine was dx .it was because she lost her vision when she turned her head. she never had any vomiting or balance issues ever. She went to Boston's Children's Hospital to the best and was operated on in hopes of reliving the pressure and make room for the spinal fluid to flow. Long story short, it could not be taken out due to the spinal cord growing thru the tumor all those years. A small piece was taken for biopsy, 3 bones removed in her neck to allow for the expansion of the tumor. I was told to take her home arrange for radiation, and expect her to live, DEAF, unable to swallow, And become mentally deficient due to the radiation, maybe 6 months- 1year.

Luckily I have a older daughter who is a holistic nutrition and former med student. She and I did not listen to these heartless "doctors". We together split our time, she pumping Corrine with all good things for her diet I, thinking back to what my pregnancy was like, remembered that I had been told to terminate the pregnancy due to high titers of toxoplasmosis when having a amniocentesis. of course I refused, Corrine was born outwardly fine but no follow up on this was done. I had lived on a farm before getting pregnant and was exposed to a lot of animals. I had also contracted full blown Lyme during my 8th month of the term and Corrine was born premature and no antibiotics were given because then at that time no one believed it was really needed.

With the help of the internet and my older daughter's knowledge I began to contact Germany and Sweden ,sending a form e-mail, using my German maiden name, asking for help from scientists and Doctors. I did get responses. They in turn led me to understand about parasitic tumors and a DX machine called a Vega machine.

I then , thru their help , found a chiropractor who had a machine such as this, who agreed to see my daughter and help me. This led to using a Rife machine months later. Of course all this was done " behind closed doors" and Corrine's doctors knew nothing , but the bad stuff, which there was a lot of.(She went though a lot of mental issues,understandably so, I might add) There was no one to compare to or get support from either. My family thought we were crazy!

We were also led to a old world Chinese herbalist, who had a following of cancer patients that lived beyond what was expected, who mixes a bunch of herbs which are brewed into tea, black and bad tasting. which Corrine began to drink .

3 years later we have a stack of MRI's done every 6 months ,that keep showing a tumor getting smaller and more defined. The last one showed that it is breaking up and becoming "see though." Her doctors think it is the herbs that have chemo properties in them.

They do not know about the machine, since I am afraid that since she is a minor they would force me into other treatments. They only found out about the Chinese Dr. last year after seeing the MRI"s and asking me what was I doing to get these results. I was having a hard time stalling them also. I was running out of stories and getting mad about their stupid answers to my questions about their suggestions for conventional treatments. KNOWLEDGE is a powerful thing!

The last answer I got from them was " I don't know" when I asked them "what is this tumor made of" "what is inside it ?"

These Doctors went to Harvard ,they are really great surgeons and of course very smart and educated men. Thank god they are , or my child would not have come out of the operation so well, and I do believe that they are blessed and are good men .but it gets annoying to hear them say foolish things . Thank you for your interest , someday when Corrine is older I will tell them, they will not believe me. Corrine does not have any deficits except her hearing and peripheral vision which were damaged from the operation that she had. All her motor functions and IQ are fine.

She wears glasses but does not need a hearing aid. Goes to regular school and walks 1 mile every day with her friends.

I did try to tell the parents of the children's brain tumor internet group that I belonged to a year ago, and they told me I was crazy ,I told them I had MRI"S to prove it and they still did I not want to hear it. I don't go to the site anymore because their children die from the radiation effects in 6-12 months and I can't bear to read about the details.

Maybe someday children won't have to die because of ignorance.


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