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  • Oncoviruses are viruses that extend the tumor’s life
  • Oncoviruses encourage tumor growth
  • Oncoviruses extend the life of any cells they infect, even those of parasites and bacteria, by donating their enzymes, or even directly with their genes.
  • Viruses do not have a life span. They could go on living forever if nothing killed them. Their few genes provide them with everlasting life. Infected cells benefit from this even as they suffer in other ways. Bacteria, too, are reinforced and become invincible, taking over huge areas of the body as Oncoviruses infect them. They become immortalized in various ways. Human tumor cells are made long-lived and invincible the same way, also immortalized.
  • Viruses come from parasites.
  • The Oncovirus gang keeps cancer cells growing endlessly (immortalized) and makes bacteria appear resistant to anything we use against them (also immortalized), such as antibiotics.

SV 40

Leader of Gang 1 of Oncoviruses – can pull other Oncoviruses into the cells, it being always the leader and the first to enter a cell. Other Oncoviruses can be hidden inside bacteria and tumor cells and maybe even in other viruses.

Arrives in the body with the pancreatic fluke, infects the pancreas and then enters the blood. From here it can reach any organ quickly but it enters only the primary tumor site. It can enter also bacteria.

Our special immune cells, lymphocytes, normally eat and kill viruses. But to kill them the lymphocytes need Organic Germanium and Organic Selenium (or Selenite) and Vitamin C (preferably organic as in rose hips).

The trigger for releasing SV 40 viruses from Pancreatic Flukes is Gallic Acid, a common preservative, called propyl gallate! Requires strontium, chromium, and gold


  • DMSO
  • Turmeric
  • Wintergreen
  • Parasite cleanse to eliminate Pancreatic Fluke
  • Zapper
  • Removal of chromium, strontium gold with Homeography
  • Lugol’s-turmeric enemas for 3 days and Lugol’s-turmeric-fennel enema for the same three days
  • Take turmeric and lugol
  • Take 6 fresh seed recipe for 5 days, then 5 days off, repeating till gone


Part of Gang I of Oncoviruses

One of the gang. Divides cells without rest. Come from ordinary baker’s yeast. Common in fat and overweight people. Asparagine is its trigger and is found in decayed food. The food we eat is partly decayed. Digestive enzymes digest asparagine and the ozonator can remove it. This stops RAS. We should also stop eating live yeast. Underbaked bread has live yeast. White blood cells (WBCs) eat free RAS viruses but if these infect our bacteria, they will be shielded from our WBCs, while speeding up the bacteria cell divisions.


  • Take digestive enzymes
  • Ozonate your food
  • Stop eating live yeast
  • Feed your WBCs
  • Homeography: remove chromium@ kidneys, lymph
  • Lugol’s-turmeric enemas for 3 days
  • Take turmeric and lugol


Part of Gang I of Oncoviruses that speeds up cell division
found in chicken eggs, semi-raw chicken meat and Fasciolopsis Buski. Found together with mumps. Our WBCs can devour free MYC viruses but not when they are together with mumps since they get protection in this way. That is why it is important to remove also the trigger and the parasite for mumps. The trigger for MYC is not known yet.


  • Remove the trigger for mumps: casein - a milk substance with digestive enzymes
  • Remove Fasciolopsis Buski and the parasite for mumps which is Ascaris with the Parasite Cleanse and the Mop-up Program
  • Remove wheel bearing grease, motor oil and heavy metals @ all liver parts so that it can digest better
  • Lugol’s-turmeric enemas daily for 4 days
  • Take turmeric and lugol
  • Take lactase enzyme, one with each meal and one between meals till gone


Part of Gang I of Oncoviruses that speeds up growth.
Cells cannot die when they are infected with FOS. Comes from heartworm of dogs and a buildup of coumarin, a food phenolic antigen that can give us an allergic effect.


  • Stop eating coumarin containing foods
  • Kills the dirofilaria with the Parasite Cleanse
  • Remove the food trigger for Dirofilaria : milk
  • Take lactase enzymes to remove the lactose sugar in the body, one per meal and one between meals till gone
  • Remove the trigger for FOS: oleic acid found in common food oil
  • Lugol’s-turmeric-fennel enemas daily for 3 days
  • Take turmeric and lugol


Part of Gang I of Oncoviruses - a transcription factor. This means it can attach itself to our DNA and can commandeer cell growth. Comes from Onchocerca Volvulus, another dog parasite belonging to the same Filaria family as heartworm and goes preferably to the vein valves, gives varicose veins and menadione allergy. Onchocerca requires corn. The triggers of JUN are 3 oils: myristic, oleic and palmitic as in nutmeg, olive oil and palm oil.


  • Stop eating corn
  • Take pancreatin-lipase, 15 capsules, 2 x daily to digest deposits
  • Parasite Cleanse to remove Onchocerca and remove this favorite food
  • Stop eating oils
  • Lugol’s-turmeric-fennel enemas, daily for 3 days
  • Take turmeric and lugol


Part of Gang I of Oncoviruses -speeds up growth of a tumor to the malignancy level. Comes from Strongyloides and its trigger is lauric acid, a food oil found in lard and beef.


  • Stop eating potatoes – essential food of Strongyloides
  • Take lipase-pancreatin enzymes, 15 capsules, 2 x daily to digest oil deposits
  • Parasite Cleanse to kill Strongyloide
  • Lugol’s-turmeric-fennel enemas, daily for 3 days
  • Take turmeric and lugol


Also called ERB. Part of Gang I of Oncoviruses

The most difficult of all to destroy because it comes from our ever present immortalizing effect on cancer cells. Comes from both types of Ascaris and its trigger is linolenic acid, unsaturated food oil, highly prized by nutritionists.


  • Mop-up Program to remove Ascaris
  • Stop eating linolenic acid
  • Take lactase enzymes , one per meal and one between meals till gone
  • Lugol’s-turmeric-fennel enema, daily for 3 days
  • Take turmeric and lugol
  • You must not mix the Lugol's drops with herbs or supplements because their essential ingredients will -be" destroyed. A ½ minute interval after Lugol's prevents that. Don't put Lugol's in anything except water.

Gang II of Oncoviruses are CMV, EBV, Adenovirus and Hepatitis B. These are less vicious because they do not attach to SV 40 so readily, so they do not enter cells on such a large scale. In fact, they prefer to enter bacteria, yeasts, and tumor cells in the respiratory tract, mainly the lungs.


Not only in childhood but also in adulthood this virus is present even though asymptomatic. Triggered by casein – undigested milk protein. Comes from Ascaris Megalocephala and associated with Mycoplasma. Is seen together with MYC and protected by it.


  • Stop drinking milk
  • Removal of Ascaris by starving it and the Mop-up Program
  • Take lactase enzymes with meals
  • Take lipase-pancreatin to digest casein
  • Lugol-turmeric enema, daily for 3 days

Epstein Barre Virus (EBV)

Acts like an Oncovirus but does not seem to attach to SV 40, making it less vicious. It associates with Staphylococcus, Streptococcus and Yeast, especially in the lungs. It is triggered by linolenic and palmitic food oils. It is dependent on aluminum, which is present in all municipal water. It comes from Strongyloides parasites.


  • Stop taking in food oils
  • Take digestive enzymes
  • Parasite cleanse to remove Strongyloides
  • Remove heavy metals @ lymph and location of EBV with homeography, 3 times daily
  • Drink only distilled-filtered water temporarily to remove aluminium
  • Avoid corn

Cytomegalovirus (CMV)

This acts much like EBV, not riding into cells with SV 40. It prefers to enter Staphylococcus, Streptococcus and Yeast, on its own, leading to chronic lung disease apart from lung cancer. It is triggered by lauric food oil and is dependent on strontium, which is always found in municipal water, the air, and even corn. It too, comes from the parasite Strongyloides.


  • Stop taking in food oils
  • Take digestive enzymes
  • Parasite cleanse to remove Strongyloides
  • Remove heavy metals @ lymph and location of CMV with homeography, 3 times daily
  • Avoid corn
  • Drink only distilled-filtered water temporarily to remove strontium


Come from Ascaris. It enters Staphylococcus, Streptococcus and Yeast in the respiratory organs. It has special environmental triggers, like smoke, vapors, and foods.


  • Remove Ascaris with the Mop-up Program
  • Remove molds
  • Take WBCs supplements
  • Take Oscillococcinum at bedtime
  • Take Eucalyptus tea, 2 cups daily, Boneset tea, 2 cups daily and Elder Leaf tea, ½ cup a day


Benzene is always present. It first colonizes the genital organs, thymus and bone marrow, but will appear anywhere when a Fasciolopsis Buski is nearby and benzene is present. P24, a part of the HIV virus requires gold. Its enzyme, reverse transcriptase, requires strontium. It is pulled into cells by SV 40 and even into our blood cells when they are parasitized by Plasmodium, the malaria parasite.


  • Remove source of benzene and take Vitamin B2
  • Parasite Cleanse to kill Fasciolopsis Buski
  • Homeography: gold, strontium @ kidneys, lymph
  • Zapping
  • And more

Hepatitis B

From the human liver fluke (Clonorchis) and is triggered by umbelliferone, from the raw, common carrot. It is in the peel. Oats feed the liver fluke. Hepatitis B associates itself with Gang II viruses. When the liver fluke is killed, Clostridium botulinum appears, to feed on the remains, producing a toxin that blocks a neurotransmitter, acetyl choline. This causes sudden weepiness if the bacteria arrive in the hypothalamus.


  • Stop eating umbelliferone in carrots and oats
  • Kill Clonorchis with the parasite cleanse
  • Zapping
  • Milk thistle tea 2 cups daily and eucalyptus tea
  • Kill Clostridium with oregano oil, eucalyptus and birch bark

Influenza A and B (Flu)

Comes from dying Fasciolopsis Buski and dying Ascaris. Requires vanadium.


  • Feed WBCs with the WBCs supplements
  • Parasite Cleanse to kill Fasciolopsis Buski
  • Mop-up Program to kill Ascaris
  • Zapping
  • Homeography: vanadium @ kidneys, lymph
  • Do Lugol’s turmeric enema to kill Oncoviruses
  • If ill take Boneset tea, 1 cup 3 times daily, Elder Leaf tea, ½ cup 2 times daily, Eucalyptus tea 1 cup twice daily.
  • Take Oscillococcinum (homeopathic remedy) at bedtime, until well

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(Copyright. Taken from the book "The Prevention of all Cancers")

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