This section discusses the internal source of metals.


Natural heavy metals come from our worn out enzymes.

Each enzyme has a mineral inside it.

When the enzyme has lived its lifespan, it gets digested, but the mineral gets left behind as a metal.

We dispose of it through our intestines and urine, but fungus and bacteria may find them first!

Other metals such as nickel, vanadium, gold and ruthenium belong to yeast, bacteria, fungus and parasites. Their enzymes use them.

Our intestines are always full of bacteria, dead and alive, good and bad, feeding on the leftovers of our digestion. As they die, nickel is left behind. It turns us southerly, immune depression, gray hair, baldness and allergies.

Gold is left behind by Salmonellas.

Prions and HIV Virus snatch gold from the Salmonellas for their personal use.

As we age, even though healthy, we accumulate heavy metals in our bodies, since we are not able to reverse the process of turning these metals into organic minerals again. These metals turn us southerly and steal our youth, our health and our longevity.

These are the oxidized metals that have been left behind by dead enzymes in our bodies and by the enzymes of our invaders.

They are the common denominators mentioned by Dr. Clark in first books, i.e. chromium, nickel, copper, selenium, cobalt, vanadium, germanium.

Some metals are never changed into minerals such as uranium, palladium, lanthanides, lead, antimony, cadmium, bromine, fluorine, aluminum, etc.

Inorganic metals are safe down in the earth but not in us.

Metals take part in disabling our WBCs (white blood cells).


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Where to find metals and how to get rid of them or continue with Radiation

(Copyright notice. Taken from excerpt of Dr. Clark’s book: “The Prevention of all Cancers”)

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