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The zapper is a therapy device, invented by Dr. Clark and is known worldwide. It kills small microorganisms such as parasites and gives energy to our white blood cells. To find out more about zapper go here:


Learn how to remove metals, solvents and toxins from your body, environment, and food.


All about the powerful effects of the cleanses, developed by Dr. Hulda Clark

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Diseases And Protocols

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  • Remove benzene, formic acid and streptococcus pneumoniae source
  • Zap
  • Take take-out-chromium (heavy metals) at kidneys and lymph
  •  ¼ tsp baking soda removes formic acid
  • Take Co-enzyme Q10 and Vitamin B2 to remove benzene and dyes
  • See how to make your personal painkillers below

If you are in chronic pain or even severe pain, start searching for the causes right away, even while you are on painkiller. Search first in your painkiller! Test it by Syncrometer for benzene, dyes, laundry bleach, malonic acid, and aspirin. These will prolong your pain and prevent curing it. Search for a clean brand immediately.

The Humbler

Pain is the master of us all. It is the great humbler, rich and poor alike. In thousands of years of civilization, we have not developed a pain reliever that is safe, quick, and can stop the intense kinds of pain-not merely at the aspirin level. Yet, they had been discovered! Unfortunately, they became an item of commerce immediately, holding the sick person hostage instead. Even pain relieving herbs and spices became proprietary items and secret "professional" knowledge! So no simple research could be done by ordinary creative people to arrive at useful replacements. We still know almost nothing about pain, but we will make a beginning.

Special Pain Bacteria

Originally, we believed in ordained pain, a kind of punishment for "bad" behavior that "deserved" agony. And, recently, academic studies have encouraged belief in pain as a stimulation of pain receptors present in our tissues and activated by very special substances. But the chronic pain of cancer is not that. The Syncrometer~ finds that cancer pain is due to a common kind of bacteria, Streptococcus pneumoniae, at a place where formic acid has accumulated. Bacteria, formic acid and blood are present here together, so that we can hardly tell which came first. Certainly, antibiotics for the "strep" bacteria do not work for pain, but when formic acid is gone, bleeding stops and bacteria leave, too, and the most excruciating pain disappears in the same day.

Streptococcus pneumoniae is always seen in places with agonizing pain or even the tiniest pain. That could explain why pain gets worse rather quickly and chronic later. But why do these bacteria come? What attracts them? Could it be blood since blood is always present with them? Bleeding is caused by formic acid which comes from benzene (see page 352). So benzene is really the cause of both bleeding and pain. Stopping bleeding should stop the pain. Amazingly, it is that simple. We already learned how to get rid of both benzene and formic acid. And we already know which allergens prolong bleeding. Knowing this, you won't need to wait an endless time to get off morphine, codeine, or other painkiller. We can look forward to a pain free time. But we will need about 10 days to accomplish it, five to detoxify all the benzene that is making formic acid, and five to detoxify all the formic acid. The bleeding stops within hours after formic acid is gone. Pain leaves a few hours after the bleeding stops. Hurry to get rid of your benzene sources and allergen sources so the clock can start ticking for pain relief.

Pain, Pain Go Away

Plain baking soda can neutralize formic acid. This is sodium bicarbonate. Of course, it cannot work if it was manufactured with laundry bleach because each dose brings you more benzene. If you cannot test, use NOTHING; it takes a week longer but you won't be contributing to your own failure. Any pill or food that still brings you benzene adds extra days of waiting for relief.  A mixture of sodium and potassium bicarbonate is preferred, to balance these two elements, but if not available use the pure baking soda at hand. Don't expect fast permanent relief, though. There will be good days and bad days that tell you there are mistakes being made. Till then, use the least amount of drug painkiller necessary to let you eat, sleep, and get your cancer program started. Do not choose a painkiller that includes an aspirin-like variety (ask the pharmacist) because it prolongs bleeding. Read the section about bleeding.

Zapping Pain

Zapping pain is very helpful, too. You may even feel the zapper current for the first time if you have pain, since the current seeks out inflamed tissues. Zap continuously. If possible, zap the exact location of the pain, using a plate-zapper. The north pole field produced by the zapper's Positive offset current has pain-relieving effects all its own. This is besides activating the white blood cells and destroying the bacteria that cause pain.

Plain zapping, without a plate can clear up pain, too. The current can find the exact location by itself.

Spot zapping helps with healing at the same time as stopping pain. Place the Positive electrode (copper pipe from the plus side of the zapper) right over the painful spot. Press on it to make sure the current penetrates. Use a plastic glove on the hand that presses, not to steal away any current. Place the other electrode lower down, like under a foot. Or put the Positive electrode on the spine above the pain while putting the other electrode below the pain. Many kinds of electronic pain relief had already come into existence in the early 1920's, before the Dark Ages of medical suppression came over western civilization. A few of these methods are now in museums.

Starving Pain

Taking away the metals that are essential for the Streptococcus bacteria is more powerful than taking an antibiotic that blocks their metabolism. Sometimes more powerful than zapping...All living things need to be fed! Streptococci are dependent on chromium. Stop using all pots, pans, bowls, cutlery, and dishes until you have tested them for chromium seepage (see page 581). There may be little left-not even cups and saucers (see temporary place setting, page 241)! Test your food and water. Remove metal from your mouth. After this, making homeographic bottles that take-out chromium will be effective in 2 to 4 days. Make these, using your own zapper and a plain piece of aluminum sheet metal, about 31/4 inches square (see Bottle-copying, page 105).

Take-out chromium specifically from lymph and kidneys so it will be drained from the whole body slowly and steadily, and eventually deprive the bacteria. This could take 5 days. For a stronger effect take-out the heavy metal mixture, too.

It does no good to "take-out" the bacteria themselves because you are feeding them blood and metals. Feeding while fighting bacteria never works.

Pain Lurks Nearby

There are hazards to avoid that will certainly bring your pain back! If you drink or eat more benzene, even one polluted tablet (such as the painkiller itself), will make more formic acid. The pain will be delayed 5 days because it takes that long to reach the formic acid stage. All this obscures the cause, the one polluted tablet or an untreated toothbrush or "high quality" china cup. Do not take such risks. Do not risk a dab of lotion, an untested spice or a tea bag. Commercial products are being manufactured more and more with laundry bleach disinfectant, spreading benzene everywhere.

Prescription Painkillers

You can, of course, use prescription painkillers. The hazards are rather serious, though. Well over half of all pills I have tested were themselves bringing laundry bleach disinfectant, namely the 5 immunity destroyers. Their dyes are usually obvious, but even white pills contain numerous dyes that are invisible. When forced by emergency to take them, try to wash some dye off under the faucet. Let the washed pills dry on a paper towel. Alternate brands, if possible, so not so much of one pollutant accumulates. Take extra vitamin B2 and coenzyme Q10 to help detoxify these dyes. Painkillers usually contain aspirin also, so bleeding and pain are worsened in the long run, but not suspected because it is delayed. A pharmacist can help you get aspirin-free painkiller. The morphine/codeine varieties slow down the intestine so much that constipation results. Then bacteria levels skyrocket, especially E. coli, greatly reducing your chance of recovery. Taking stool softeners and bowel activators helps but each brings its own laundry bleach toxins. Sodium alginate is a stool softener (see Sources) without this risk. The narcotic painkillers also disturb weight gain and general thriving. Try to switch io substitutes, even if you have to double or triple the amount.

But emergency need for pain relief has first consideration. Do not feel bad or guilty about needing it. Just be sure to zap your pain all day, take small amounts of baking soda for 2 or 3 weeks, and most of all avoid benzene-polluted food, water, cookware and dishes. Avoid commercial products of all kinds. If pain reduces, it shows you it will be possible. If it then gets bad again, assume you got benzene into your body, somehow, five to ten days earlier. Track it down. Suspect everything and eliminate it. Don't despair from repeated failures. You can have repeated successes, too.

Permanent Pain Relief

It may take several tries before pain stays away naturally because there are unsuspected benzene sources and mistakes must be made. Give yourself excellent grades for succeeding. Not only did you conquer pain, you rid your body of benzene, one of the 5 immunity destroyers; you stopped internal bleeding so your red cell count and iron levels can go up again. Now your energy will go up and life will look much better.

Every source of benzene or heavy metals that you find can lead to a permanent improvement for your health, not just for pain. You may have a dozen unsuspected sources. Finding them and eliminating them will help cure your other illnesses, too, besides the cancer.

Making your own Pain Killers

Taking drops of a copied pain medicine gives you about '/4 of its action, but gives it to you must faster (5 to 10 minutes).

There is no toxicity to worry about so you can take it over and over till you get relief.

Choose several varieties, up to 4 or 5, taking all of them one after the other in one session. This is an example:

  1. Copy several Advil tablets, writing the total dose on the label, with the name NOT-ADVIL.
  2. Copy a few morphine-containing tablets the same way.
  3. Copy indomethacin.
  4. Copy Tylenol.
  5. Find an aspirin variety, uncolored and tested for laundry bleach. Place several pills in a small, 1/2 oz. bottle, so they add up to about 4 times a real dose. Put this dose on the label. Add pure water to cover them. Place a similar bottle, almost full of water, beside the bottle with the pills. Place a metal pipe around each one on the copy plate and zap 20 seconds. See copy making instructions on page 105. Label the new bottle NOT-ASPIRIN or FAKE-ASPIRIN, etc. Dump the real originals for safety from accidents by children. THIS IS NOT FOR PAIN WITH BLEEDING.

Take 6 drops of each, 1 minute apart. Repeat every 15 minutes till pain is tolerable*. No addiction or side-effects have been seen. Do not combine these into a single bottle. Include as many as you have available. Keep copying your copies to make more. Be sure to dump the originals for safety.

Beware of Anesthesia

Relieving pain without removing its cause is dangerous. It hides problems. The great relief also lulls us into thinking "things are better". Use your "window of relief ' to hunt harder for your benzene or other sources. Use pain relief to get to sleep; you may follow it with Sleep Set. But next day, choose some suffering to keep your focus on pain causes.

(from: "The Prevention of all Cancers", pages 358-364. Copyright notice)

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