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Diseases And Protocols

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  • Chew thoroughly
  • Take Hcl or lemon, vinegar or honey
  • Take digestive enzymes
  • Do the bowel program
  • Do the parasite cleanse
  • Do the kidney cleanse
  • Do the liver cleanse with valerian herb afterwards
  • Avoid constipation 
  • Zap
  • Take a ½ hour brisk walk everyday


It all begins with the stomach although chewing food well is essential for really good digestion.

The body produces hydrochloric acid (HCL) which gets pushed into the stomach from the blood! The enzyme, carbonic anhydrase, a zinc enzyme, is involved. Not many ways are known to stimulate this whole process. Drinking water before meals stimulates it in unknown ways. Next best is to provide acid HCL.

Using a lemon or vinegar and honey beverage helps with digestion although this provides citric or acetic acid, not hydrochloric. These acids are completely metabolized so they don't add to the body acid level. But the fact that it is not hydrochloric means that it can't kill bacteria and parasites in the stomach like regular hydrochloric acid could. The stomach becomes a haven for Salmonellas and other bacteria and this is the biggest digestive plague of the elderly. Salmonellas dig deep into the stomach wall, safe from antibiotics and stomach acid and aren't washed away with the food. When they take over the region near the top of the stomach, it weakens the esophageal sphincter and food keeps coming back up a bit -- a most uncomfortable development, especially after supper or when lying down.

When the Salmonellas spread out further to invade the diaphragm around the sphincter, the diaphragm weakens, and lets a bit of the stomach up through the hole. This causes hiatal hernia distress..

What helps most is getting digestion completed. This sets up the natural cues for emptying. Digestive enzyme tablets have been in popular use to help digestion.

Salmonella and Shigella

Salmonellas, along with Shigellas, produce very toxic substances that cause dizziness. There are three common Salmonella varieties: Salmonella enteridiuis, Salmonella paratyphi, and Salmonella typhimurium (386, 380, 354 KHz). Kill Salmonellas daily for a month by taking Lugol's iodine (6 drops in a half cup water, after meals and bedtime, see Rec4ws). Unfortunately, this will not kill Shigellas; follow the Bowel Program  to get them.

During this time set up a system of sterilizing all dairy produce since this is the source of reinfection. Set up a system of rinsing fingers (and fingernails) in 10% grain alcohol in the bathroom. Deli food and restaurant salads carry Salmonellas and Shigellas, too. Kill them, routinely, after eating such food due to necessity. A warm stomach full of food at a neutral pH is just the right culture condition- for these bacteria. It's like putting yeast into a bowl of warm water, flour and sugar. In half an hour it is overflowing with growth.

Once Salmonella is entrenched in an organ it is difficult to eliminate. Only an electric zapper can kill them all (in an organ, not the bowel). If your body has the right conditions (like a low acid stomach) to let them grow you dare not swallow another one! Shigellas arrive with dairy foods, too, but prefer the lower intestine as their headquarters. Indigestion that starts right after eating is probably due to Salmonellas. If your indigestion comes in the night, this suggests Shigellas, since they've had time to reach their favorite place further down.

Campylobacter and E coli, other digestive bacteria, are sometimes the culprits. The Bowel Program is effective against these also. Besides getting digestive improvement you get mental improvement, less depression, less dizziness, less irritability after clearing these up. Remember that eating bacteria and killing them later will not solve the problem. Stopping eating them will.

Other Clues

Digestion problems that remain after eliminating bacteria can be diagnosed in a rational way. Ask these questions:

  • Is the stool orangish-yellow, or very pale, instead of greenish brown? If so, bile isn't getting delivered to the small intestine from the liver.
  • Is there abdominal pain? (More about this on page 97). It may be due to Ascaris, flukes, or other parasites. 
  • Is there constipation? This wil let wastes accumulate, all the longer for bacteria to thrive on them.
  • Is there bloating? This is due to gas made by bacteria.
  • Does the stool float? If so, it must be lighter than water and contain fat or a great deal of undigested material.

Liver Bile

Bile is necessary for digestion. Absorption of fat and calcium depends on bile mixing with the food. When fat isn't absorbed, it stays in the intestine. Fat is lighter than water; it makes the stool float. Feces should not float. When the stool floats you can assume that calcium isn't being absorbed either, leaving the blood in a deficit which will be taken from the bones.

If the stool floats or is orangish in color prepare for a liver cleanse. Liver cleanses are completely safe, even for persons in their 80's. Kill all parasites first by zapping if possible, otherwise by herbal parasite killing. It is better to do a kidney cleanse before the liver cleanse.

The effects of one liver cleanse does not last long. As the stones from the far corners of the liver move forward, they compact into larger stones and plug the ducts again. Their previous symptoms return. Try to give a cleanse once a month until the dark color of the stool returns and it no longer floats.

The benefits of a liver cleanse will last longer if valerian herb is taken the day after the cleanse and from then forward. It may be preventing spasm of the bile ducts. Use 2 oz. of the herb (cut) in 3 cups water. Simmer for 5-10 minutes, let settle or strain. Add honey to sweeten. Take a few tbs. every 4 hours (or 6 capsules) for several days followed by a daily dose at bedtime.

If constipation is a problem, use an herbal product rather than a drug until you have removed the cause. Cascara sagrada (half dosage) or prunes work for many people.

Bacteria are part of the cause; and part of the result! Constipation increases the bacteria level which causes further constipation! You may solve the constipation problem immediately by zapping. Even though this kills some "good" with some "bad" bacteria, no harm is done. The stool is recolonized in one to two days.

Poop Your Troubles Away

Two bowel movements a day are the minimum necessary for good health. The first one should be in the morning. The morning cup of water, drunk at the bedside has the magical ability to move the bowels. Cold water may fail. But the water effect only works in the early morning. Waiting until after breakfast may not work. Go immediately for the morning walk. 

Walking and liver cleansing are the most health-promoting activities

Walking is a brisk exercise, done as speedily as possible and lasting at least 1/2 hour.

Digestion Problems

Burping, bloating, and being gassy are signs that your digestion isn't perfect. What has gone wrong? Burps are gases escaping upward. Bloating is due to bubbles of gas causing pressure. Your body does not make gas! Gas can only be made by bacteria. The immediate conclusion is that bacteria are growing in your digestive tract (stomach and intestines) that should not be allowed to do so. They are likely to be the common enteric (digestive tract) bacteria: Salmonellas, Shigellas, E. colt, Bacteroides fragilis.

You may wish to identify them before killing them with the zapper. Or you can sweep through the whole bacterial and viral range killing all with a frequency generator. The good effects can be felt in an hour, although the last gases may take days to get rid of Salmonella and Bacteroides fragilis are two bacteria that can eat bile, and can do without oxygen, so they are commonly seen in the liver. Bacteroides probably escaped from its roundworm host, Ascaris. Salmonella probably came with non-sterile dairy food.

If you have an intestinal problem involving digestion or pain, start immediately to boil all dairy foods. Stop eating those that can't be boiled: cheese sandwiches, yogurt, ice cream. It must be boiled for 10 seconds. The bacteria are in the liver because your liver attempted to strain them out of your blood and lymph in order to kill them with bile. Instead, they turned around and "ate" the bile, turning it brown as evidence. Now, every time the liver lets down bile into the intestine (and stomach), a population of these bacteria goes with it. The intestine becomes a seething mass of bacteria, bubbling away as they produce C02, SO2, H2S, Co (carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide). Some of these gases are quite toxic.

Help your liver expel its bacterial overload with liver cleanses until all the bile is a beautiful bright green. This is evident as dark brown bowel movements. Without the green color of bile added to your intestine, the bowel movement remains light colored, such as tan, yellow or orange! By stopping eating polluted food, killing bacteria and cleansing the liver, digestion becomes normal again.

Of course, there must be enough acid in the stomach and digestive enzymes produced to make good digestion possible. Otherwise, leftover food goes to feed the waiting bacteria.

Persons with a chronic digestion problem may also find they harbor lead, cadmium, or mercury in the intestine! This is very good in a sense. Your body has kept these toxins in the intestine, preventing it from going into your vital organs. The bad news is that their presence in the intestine could start an intestinal disease. Toxins in the intestine would inhibit your immune system (here the white blood cells are in clumps called Peyer's patches), from gobbling up the "bad" enteric bacteria. Maybe the "good" bacteria found your intestine too toxic to live there. Clean up your dentalware. Search for lead and cadmium in your drinking water. After improving your lifestyle, continue to do liver cleanses. Keep your goals high: a flat tummy that feels energetic, no burps or gas

(From: "The Cure for all Diseases", p. 266-269. Copyright notice)

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