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Diseases And Protocols

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Purchase 2 kinds of enema equipment, the popular Fleet bottle and the bucket. You will need to do pre-enemas to clear the colon first. Buy a Fleet bottle (set of 2), at a pharmacy; throw away the contents, wipe and wash away the grease on the nozzle with very hot water. Throw away the nozzle cap; it cannot be cleaned. This will be used for the pre-enemas to clear the colon enough to allow the plastic tube of the enema bucket to reach high up on the left side later. Fit the plastic tube on the bucket spigot. Push stop valve on o the closed position. Practice this.

If the Fleet bottle is not available, you can improvise with a 1 pint or 1 quart plastic bottle used for bottled water. Attach a nozzle meant for other enema equipment. Make a pinhole in the bottom of the bottle, leaving the pin in place. After inserting, pull out the pin and control the flow with your thumb. Another improvised quick enema is with a 50 or 60 ml syringe: attach rubber tube.

The 2 pre-enemas take only 5 or 10 minutes each. Fill the Fleet bottle with very warm water; then add 6 drops of Lugol's to the top. Apply homemade soap to nozzle for best lubricant and to anal area to prevent hemorrhoids. After washing, disinfect your hand immediately in Lugol's water ( 1 drop per cup of water, made fresh). Insert nozzle while bending over near the toilet, aiming nozzle toward navel. Bear down, with a pushing force, to make insertion painless. After removing, sit on top of closed toilet seat at least 5 minutes for best results. Keep a magazine handy to occupy yourself while waiting. Then empty bowels. Repeat, being sure to lubricate well again. This time hold it 10 minutes before emptying. After that you are ready for the real enema using the bucket. Do it right away, to be near the Lugol's timing. Prepare it ahead of time.

Have ready 6 capsules turmeric already emptied in the bucket; close valve and add 1 cup very warm water. Run it in slowly to avoid expelling it. None of this super enema is to be expelled at all. That is why so little water is used. Do not pull out the tube yet. Sit on it or lean back to reduce pressure. After 20 to 30 minutes put 6 fennel capsules in the bucket, add 1/2 to 1 cup water and run it in very slowly. Do not pull out the tube yet. After another 20 minutes, open 2 coenzyme Q10 capsules into hot water, they will cool en route. Keep these in for 15 minutes. Then add a final 1/2 tsp. of Lugol's to top of tube. After running each one in, lie down, read or watch entertainment till all urgency to expel is gone. Leaning back helps, too.

If you did need to expel, reduce the water volume next time.

This "super" enema, given correctly, has to the most powerful effect on how sick you feel. Even if you feel immediately better though, these bacteria and viruses will all come back unless you complete the whole program. Do not premix Lugol's or other items with each other. Wash the bottle, nozzle, bucket and hose using Lugol's in water until color is visible, it kills everything it contacts.

(from "The Prevention of All Cancers" p. 269ff., Copyright notice)

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