Cancer Testimonials

Dear Readers,

UVEITISTwo years ago, I was diagnosed with uveitis in my left eye. My eye doctor sent me to an eye specialist in order to understand the cause. But this was not the case. No medication helped either. My sight worsened. I was threatened with blindness. If the cortisone treatment would not have yielded any positive results, the hospital would then plan to operate me.  It was then that I heard from a naturopath from Viersen called Heike Siemes who worked according to Dr. Clark protocols. I wanted to give her a try. After testing my saliva with the syncrometer, she noticed that in the past I had had toxoplasmosis and that it was still present in my eye in a latent form. She treated me according to Dr. Clark’s protocols with the parasite cleanse.

This is what I got out on the 3rd 5-day large dose of COQ10 this past Saturday. Just thought you might want to know how well the protocol works, but you already know that. :) I am creeped out.

Another thing I noticed is that my skin has been itchy every morning for the past 8 years and I contributed that to my liver issues, but the itchiness went away on the 3rd week and I also have a cough that seems to be subsiding. I can't explain it, but my lungs feel like they are working better, too.

Disappearance of suspect focal nodular lesion in thyroid as per testimonial and documentation that you find hereunder.
Treatment was done with Physiospect and Zapper

After the saliva test done with the syncrometer according to the Test Flow Sheet, the following was undertaken:

  • Eating habits were changed.
  • Tooth fillings were removed or replaced
  • Water filter was installed
  • Dr. Clark's 3 week program
  • Dr. Fryda Waltraud's program including Regenerensen injections and supplements (which are similar to Dr. Clark's supplement program)

You will see the improvement that took place in only 4 months.


Daniela Enrico BenaSent: Thursday, February 24, 2011 6:09 PM
Subject: ultrasound and photo after liver cleanse

Dear Staff Dr. Clark,

Following your mail invited who can to help you demonstrate the results of the liver cleanse according to Dr. Clark, I can testify that I have done this cleanse 3 times with very positive results if not to say surprising results.

I enclose the ultrasound that I did on 26.10.09 where I discovered that I had gallstones in my gallbladder.

In June of 1998 I was diagnosed with infiltrating lobular cancer in the right breast. A quadrantectomy followed at the European Institute of Oncology (MI).

altIn April of 2009 I had a recurrence in the right area supraclavicular. The biopsy gave an infiltrating lobular carcinoma grade 2.

I immediately started the protocol of Dr. Clark and followed the directions meticulously and with the continued support of Dr. Albicocchi.

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