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Dr. Clark has written 6 books on cancer, 1 book on HIV & AIDS and 1 book on illnesses in general. This section discusses these starting with cancer, HIV and then other illnesses.

In this section, you will find excerpts directly from Dr. Clark's books in regards to these health conditions. At the end of each page, the page and book from where it has been taken will be stated.

Dr. Clark's protocol consists of a combination of methods. To achieve good results, these must be applied contemporaneously. Together these will help to fully detox the body, so that the immune system can take over with full control.

Find out which parasites, bacteria, viruses, metals and other toxins are involved with which illness and how we get rid of them in order to gain our health back.

You can find more information about elimination and detoxing the body under the headings "Cleanses, Clean-Ups" and "Products, Devices & Techniques".

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