School of Naturopathy - Eco-Synergie - Bissone Switzerland - Academic Year 2007-2008

I have decided to prepare my thesis on :


Not only is this cleanse the shortest, the most effective and the cheapest of all cleanses, but also the most controversial and also negatively discussed in the allopathic world.

For example this link (which has now been removed)

...reported the text of a certain Bill Sardi, who sustained that expelled stones after a liver cleanse are only "soap stones" in comparison to cystic stones removed surgically. He suggest that these "soap stones" are the result of a mixture of oil and lemon combined with digestive enzymes and says they do not contain cholesterol nor calcium, which are the contents of the real cystic stones.

He referenced an April 16 report in the British Journal Lancet (Volume 365) which you find here.

My goal, with this thesis, is not only to present a specific case of a young lady, who thanks to the liver cleanse, was able to avoid a cholecystectomy and like her, various other testimonials with photos of their liver stones, but especially to bring to your attention concrete laboratory analysis that prove that the stones that were analysed were really liver stones.

My hope for this thesis, besides giving useful information regarding this natural and nearly forgotten procedure, is to have given the encouragement to challenge each one of you to try this effective cleanse. .


You find the complete thesis here.

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