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I have a German medical book from 1925 entitled "Lehr und Pflegekurs – Heilverfahren"  by Dr. med. U. Wirz that gives allopathic and natural treatment methods for the various ailments.

On page 360 of this book, under the subtitle "Bile stones", it is explained that to stimulate the expulsion of stones, among other ingredients, glycerin or 80 gr (4 Tbsp) of olive oil are to be used.

A German vocabulary entitled "Brockhaus" that belonged to my grandfather from 1929 explained under the title: "Bile stones (hepatic stones)"  that  the following ingredients were necessary: olive oil, glycerine, opium to alleviate pain, hot baths and a correct diet.

It also describes that cholecystectomies had been carried out by Schilling (1904), Walzberg (1905), Usschoff & Backmeister (1909),  Grube & Graff (1912), and Raunen (1924).

Dr. A. Vogel describes a similar treatment in his book "The liver" written in 1960. I cite part of his text:

If one wants to heal oneself radically from cholelithiasis by removing the gallstones, the olive oil recipe has given excellent results. I recall an Italian patient who came to me, her doctor found gallstones and suggested surgery urgently. This lady was so in fear of the operation that she wanted to avoid it; she begged me for another treatment  cure. The Italian do not have difficulty in swallowing olive oil; they are used to it; this is why I gave the following cure:
At first one frees the intestine with a mild laxative; one can use plums or figs softened in water, flaxseeds freshly grinded or the product Linosan. Should this not be sufficient one can do an enema. When the intestine is free one takes the olive oil; from 100 to 400 cm3. After having swallowed it, one lies down on the right side for about 2 hours.
A couple of days after the oil treatment, the Italian patient came to visit me all happy. The morning after doing the liver cleanse with the olive oil she was able to expel many gallstones. She brought them to her doctor who was amazed and incredulous. An X-ray proved that the gallstones disappeared and surgery was superfluous.

Mrs. B.H. has sent me an ancient liver flush recipe that has been passed down to her through her NZ family. She wrote me the following:

The liver flush recipe was hand written in pencil in a recipe book that I inherited. The recipe book dated back to the early nineteen hundreds. It was also the same recipe that an elderly GP used to give his patients to prevent gallstone issues. I worked with him in the 1960s and it had been handed on to him by I believe two prior family members who were physicians.
When you look at the recipe you see that essentially the proportions are the same as to what we use today but the measures would have been different. I recall my great aunts in their late seventies just using kitchen cups and spoons. (Be mindful that the cup measure used would have been a breakfast cup and a tablespoon which in the old British measurements are somewhat bigger that the metric cups etc we use now)

Here is the recipe:


Use only freshly squeezed poor mans oranges (NZ terminology for what we know as grapefruit)

Squeeze and set aside in a jug enough juice to fill three breakfast cups
Add three level tablespoons of Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate)
Stir briskly and set aside for a day to ensure all is dissolved.

On the day of the flush of the liver:
Eat a light non fatty breakfast and a soup broth for lunch.
At 4 pm in the afternoon. Drink ¾ cup of the mixture. 
Repeat this at 6 pm.
At 8 pm – mix ¼ breakfast cup of freshly squeezed juice with ¼ cup of cod liver oil*. Stir well and quickly drink. (*To my knowledge, olive oil was not available in NZ – castor oil in a dreaded blue bottle was however. Cured everything!)
Go to bed early. 
The next morning at 5 am drink ¾ cup of the juice/Epsom salts mix.
If necessary this can be repeated at 7am.
You may resume eating at 12MD with a light broth and a non fatty evening meal.

This remedy should not cause discomfort if the instructions are followed as directed.
If you have gall stones they will be flushed out.
You can expect some frequency of motions.
Repeat the liver flushes two to three monthly. 
Your energy will be restored and gall stones should not be a problem for you.

Kind regards B. H. Perth Western Australia.

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