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Who was Dr. Clark

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Diseases And Protocols
Diseases And Protocols

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About Eggs

In earlier books I gave egg recipes, knowing they had malvin and gallic acid allergens, and knowing they had hypothalamus and pituitary cells afloat in them. I thought they could be made safe with special treatments. But since then I have found the MYC virus, the SV 40 virus and sometimes even OPT itself in eggs. It makes no sense to eat them anymore. Not all eggs have all of these. It probably depends ori the animal waste and soy products in their feed. Free-range chickens could present a different picture. But without testing by Syncrometer , it seems to me to be quite unwise to eat either chickens or eggs. Eggs in Mexico were free of the contaminants found in USA eggs, but should still be tested for allergens.

(from "The Prevention of all Cancers", page 533; Copyright)

About Milk

When cows were free and roamed in meadows of grass and flowers, they produced a moderate amount of milk, a moderate amount of manure and money and a large amount of health in growing children.

But now they are fed quite unnatural food (soybeans, yeast culture, carbohydrates) to increase milk production. These processed concentrates and even the water at the dairy, now give her daily doses of laundry bleach. In fact, dairymen are encouraged to pour extra bleach into their water trough, and it is not the NSF kind. Now cows are becoming immunodepressed, like humans, getting recurrent mastitis and necessitating lots of antibiotics. They, too, develop increased parasitism. We would expect many "Flu" attacks as a cow's body manages to kill its own flukes. But cows also get more than their share of digestion problems, so that allergies would be expected. PGE2 from allergy attacks would trigger prions to emerge from her Salmonella bacteria. She could be expected to get prion protein attacks, periods of dizziness, loss of appetite or staggering. Cows with chronic Salmonella could develop chronic prion disease, which could explain BSE. Lowered productivity as a goal(!) for cows seems like an intelligent solution, so all these trends can be reversed while it is still possible.

With a heavily parasitized cow we would expect to see Bacillus cereus and tyramine in her milk. And we always do, even in cheese and all other dairy products. Nutmeg kills these bacteria.

Switching to goat milk by sick people is another intelligent solution, to reduce allergens obtained from cow's milk.

Even goat milk provides more lactose than can be quickly digested. We use only heavy whipping cream on the program and even this will get treated with lactase enzyme to remove the tiny bit left in it. After you are well, goat milk, limited to 1 cup a day, would be a boon to your nutrition.

(from "T he Prevention of all Cancers, page 533, Copyright notice)

Fish and Seafood

Since all varieties of fish and seafood had Fast Gamet dye and "shrimp" antigen (the cause of lymphomas and lymph node metastases) these recipes have been omitted. But you may fish it yourself and eat it within 6 hours. Don't use "household" laundry bleach to clean up, nor buy fish at a fish market.

(from "The Prevention of all Cancers", page 544; Copyright notice)

Beans, dried Peas, Lentils and Garbanzos

In the uncooked state, these have no onion chemicals. But if they are cooked at too high a temperature many onion sulfides are made. They must not be heated higher than boiling water. This excludes steaming, frying, pressure cooking, microwaving. When they are warmed up later, they must again not be heated higher than boiling water. Valuable, nutritionally, as they are, I consider them too hazardous for cancer patients.

(from "The Prevention of all Cancers, page 545; Copyright notice)


Sanitation of meats is quick and easy now that sonication and ozonation are available to penetrate deep into the interior. Safety from laundry bleach treatment can be found by testing with a Syncrometer". But the extra dye used everywhere now and unsaturated oils dispersed in the meat create almost unsolvable problems. USA animals have been fed unsaturated oils, gallate-sprayed grains and given laundry bleached water to drink, like their owners.

Heightened parasitism is seen in chickens and beef. The animals seem sickly, judging by frequent antibiotic use (read the ads in animal feed stores), and not fit for consumption even by a healthy person. Four kinds of free-range raised (vegetarian) animals did not show these weaknesses:

  1. free-range, organic turkey
  2. free-range lamb
  3. free-range beef
  4. buffalo

(from "The Prevention of all Cancers", page 545; Copyright notice)

Bone Marrow - Beef Broth

Buying long bones cut into short pieces where the bone marrow can be gotten out brings you lactoferrin, much needed in anemia and bone marrow disease (blood cancers). It is one of the few "meats" that is not dyed in the USA. But you should ozonate it anyway.

Part of the fat in the bone marrow of regular beef will be the unsaturated oils, linolenic and linoleic acid. You should avoid these if you have respiratory diseases because they are the triggers for some of these viruses. Stick to the free-range varieties or wait till your coughing is gone.

  • 3 or 4 beef bones, cut to expose the bone marrow
  • 1/2 lb. of an inexpensive cut of beef, including sinews, gristle, cartilage
  • 1 bay leaf, tested
  • sodium-potassium salt (to taste)
  • HCI, 5 drops

Treat bones and meat in original package in sonicator, or ozonate for 10 minutes. Place meat in large stainless steel pan. Save bones for later addition. Cover with cold water. Bring to boil. Remove and discard foam that develops at first during cooking, using stainless steel or HDPE spoon.

Now switch to HDPE spoon (stainless steel will stain with HCl drops). Add other ingredients and cook till done (about 1 hour). Add bones and cook five minutes more. Cool. Eat some bone marrow as soon as cool enough. (If it is absolutely delectable, eat the whole thing and make more in a few days.) Pour off the broth into HDPE container. Drink one cup a day. Refrigerate. If fat solidifies at the top, do not throw this away. It belongs with the broth. Reheat it daily so it can be mixed. Variations: Make a cream soup out of leftovers: choose a vegetable, seasoning herb, like thyme, and lastly add cream.

(from"The Preventon of all Cancers", page 545, Copyright notice)

Vegetables and fruits

Most are sprayed with combinations of wax, dye, pesticide (thallium!), antisprouter, antimold, etc. Azo dyes (Fast Green and Fast Garnet) are present in most sprays, as are heavy metals and malonic acid. They penetrate the food deeply. But double soaking in hot water for one minute each time removes it. Even organic pears, plums and oranges must be double soaked this way. Peeling is not sufficient. Potatoes and yams will not come clean, though. Thallium pesticide and malonic acid penetrate too deeply to come out. If you have leg pain (caused by thallium), or effusions, shop only at a farmers' market and test even these.

Ozonate produce to destroy leftover traces of dyes.

(from "The Prevention of all Cancers", page 546; Copyright notice)


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