We will learn more about polarization in the section about plate-zapping our organs. But polarization is also very important in connection to food and water.

What is polarization?

A magnet has a north and south pole. This is called polarity when there is a north and south pole. On one side there is a north pole and on the other side a south pole.

Water instead is influenced by the pole of a magnet on which you place it. If you place it on the north pole of a magnet, it will resonate with the north pole of the magnet and become north. And if you put it on the south pole, it will then resonate with the south pole and become south pole. Therefore water develops the SAME POLARIZATION of the pole of the magnet on which you place it.

Food, in its natural state has a north polarization, except the seeds which is south. Cellular divisions start in the seed when it comes in contact with water and the seeds starts to grow.

Fruit and vegetable, flowers and leaves, nuts and grains all have a north polarization when freshly picked or freshly bought. However internally the seed has a south polarization.

As the food ages or is stores the north polarization turns slowly south. The seed always stays south pole.

Dr. Hulda Clark thinks we were made to eat food mainly with a north polarization with a little south polarization in the form of seeds. But today the majority of foods we eat is south pole. We are receiving an overdose of south polarized food and water.

Our bodies are able to use only l-forms of aminoacids and when we eat fresh food we provide our body with this needed form of nutrition.  As food ages or undergoes long preservation methods, l-forms become d- forms. Also Cereus bacillus, the bacteria of the Fasciolopsis buski change neighbouring l-forms into d-forms. The change in the structure of aminoacids from l- to d- forms will alert our tissues to install their allergy fighting mechanism by producing PGE2 (prostaglandin E2) and this will fill us with inflammations which will open the door of our cells to bacteria and viruses.

(from The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers; pages 242-245; 552; Copyright)

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