Here is some new technology which looks very promising: detecting viruses with a laser in seconds.

Dr. Hulda Clark used a device called the Syncrometer which she developed from an earlier bio feedback device called the Dermatron. The advantage of electric detection is that it is much faster than chemical detection. Of course, bio feedback testing has been criticized for being "unscientific" -- but has been used and is still used by thousands of natural health practitioners to monitor the progress of their clients.

In George Orwell's horror scenario "1984", Newspeak is a new language invented by Government to euphemistically make their destructive intentions sound like great achievements for mankind.

German Health Minister Dr. Philipp Roesler recently had a candid moment in an interview with a German newspaper. His speech exemplifies this kind of Newspeak, and as such also makes it clear to the ones among us who are not hypnotized yet where we are really heading.

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