Most probiotics contain dairy based microorganisms. But the modern diet already contains a lot of dairy, a lot more than the original human would have consumed. In contrast, however, we consume a lot less soil based microorganisms, which we would have gotten through fruit and vegetables picked up from the ground. Due to this, the intestinal flora of the "civilized" human is substantially different from the intestinal flora of indigenous peoples, as newer research confirms. It has become more and more accepted in the past few years that a good probiotic should contain soil based organisms rather than dairy based organisms.

The recognition of the importance of a healthy gut flora is a comparably recent thing. It was first suggested in 1907 and the term probiotics was not coined until 1953. But more aspects of the intestinal flora and understanding its true relevance is only happening now. Recently there were some headlines about bowel content transplants, where the intestinal flora of one animal was transplanted to another and a significant portion of the first animal's health or lack thereof seemed to be coming along with its bowel contents.

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