Cells of the human body have an electric potential, called the "resting potential". Depending on the tissue, it is about -70mV. It has been known that cancer cells have a reduced resting potential (e.g. here: http://cancerres.aacrjournals.org/content/40/6/1830.full.pdf). In fact it has been said that the resting potential is reduced in the case of most diseases. A number of therapies have been suggested and touted as useful to remedy the cell potential, thereby helping to cure diseases, some of them chemical in nature, some of them physical. Some have suggested that the Beck Blood Zapper or Dr. Clark's Zapper might raise the resting potential and thereby produce a positive effect.

The “Zapper” , invented by Dr. Clark, is now world famous. This small battery operated appliance,  is used today in the field of medical oncology. The “zapper” does what its name signifies, i.e. it “zaps” or “exterminates”, and therefore the Zapper is an “exterminator” of tiny invaders such as parasites. The Zapper's main function, though, is to energize our white blood cells so that they can "wipe out" any invaders by themselves.  
An informative website devoted exclusively to the subject “zapper” and its extensions is found on our new website here: http://www.clark-zapper.net.

This website not only explains how the zapper was born, but also how it works, how often it should be used, a practical section of FAQs and a lot more.

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