for many years has been a very active discussion group/information resource on Dr. Hulda Clark and related topics. I always like to read their newsletter, which is usually about a specific topic. The latest one is on arthritis, with numerous testimonials by members of CureZone. The one of the person "accidentally" curing their arthritis especially caught my eye, even though it's a few years old, because it goes to show how important dental health is, a fact that Dr. Clark has emphasized in all of her books. You can find the post here In the same newsletter there is another testimonial  of a person who got cured after removing a root canal.

The avid readers on holistic topics among you will know that there have been repeated claims about mercury being the cause of the unprecedented increase in autism that was seen in the last 20 years. That may be true or not, for what I know it has not been very well established scientifically. Now regardless of that, I would never let myself or my child be injected with any mercury for enough other reasons.

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