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We are experts in Dr. Clark protocols and therapy. Dr. Clark's approach is that of Self-Health. Self-Health means keeping yourself healthy - doing it yourself.

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Our goal is...

  • to give you everything you need to know about Dr. Clark and her protocols.
  • to show how the application of Dr. Clark's work can improve your health and well-being in a simple and effective way.
  • to help you become familiar with the remarkable findings of Dr. Clark.
  • to show you how the application of Dr. Clark's work will improve your health and well-being in a simple but effective manner.
  • helping you know how to use the cleanses and devices of Dr. Hulda Clark.

While we remain as neutral as possible about Dr. Clark and her proto­cols so that you may decide for yourself.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have after reading the information we have placed on this site.

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As a service, we post a list of professionals and therapists who apply the Clark protocol and also list some sources of distributors who are committed to Dr. Clark's standards for product purity.


Learn more about the Clark therapy:
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