I have suffered from fibromyalgia, first diagnosed in 1971, to the degree that Social Security deemed me disabled in 1998. I was bed ridden 85 percent of the time; in constant pain and incapable of even taking care of myself.

I ran across "The Cure for all Diseases", zapped, and thought for sure I would die for one day.

But the next day the transformation was like a miracle. I vacuumed the whole house, even dancing to George Strait as I did!

My husband was in amazement. I also had Toxoplasmosis, which first flared up in my left eye in 1975, and nine times since. I asked for a blood test to check the titer and it was "dangerously high".

I was sent to specialists and it was not evident in my eye. I continued to get weaker and weaker. I ran across a remedy in Dr. Clark's cancer book; did it got a blood test the following day that registered 0.3!

I had had encephilitis.

I am a walking miracle to attest Dr, Clark's  genius and humanitarianism.

I have helped many, seeing cancer of two types, diabetes, etc. cured.
It has snowballed. And why did I neglect to thank you sooner?

Being a person who couldn't even make a cake, I am now manufacturing soap for friends, family and sale.

Words alone cannot express the gratitude I feel.

I would not be here today without my cure.


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