Thanks for that tip! I may try that next time. The Moritz book does suggest continuing to drink the apple juice for a few days to quell nausea and keep any stragglers nice and emulsified, but that plan you sent sounds even more pleasant somehow.

I still can't believe I got that many stones. Even after I emailed you, I was still getting them up until 7pm. I think the final total may have been over 400.

Also, you might find this interesting. I went to the chiropractor the next day (a friend of mine who is treating me for free using the Network chiropractic method). He had identified a lot of tension in my lower right back. In fact, when I first came to see him he said the whole right side of my back was tense. Also, he said that the whole right side of my body was rotating towards the left - like I was subconsciously guarding the right side of my abdomen.

Anyway, after I did the liver cleanse, he said that the tension and rotation were all dramatically reduced and that my spine was much looser and more relaxed. Hardly surprisingly if I was really carrying all those stones!

Just another story to add to a list that is no doubt huge by now.


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