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The ZAPPER is a device of Dr. Clark and is part of Dr. Clark's cancer protocols.

The ZAPPER "electrocutes" small pathogens such as parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungus and other toxins. It does not need to have a specific frequency to do this, as it is, contrary to a frequency generator,  frequency-independent. It does however need to be:

  1. battery-operated
  2. positive offset at all times

The ZAPPER also has another function, It reactivates our white blood cells so that  they can go on an "invader hunt" on their own and kill them.

The ZAPPER effect passes mainly through our circulatory and lymphatic system.

The ZAPPER is very easy to use. Just press the ON button. Professional zappers have  an incorporated timer that shut off automatically when the zapper session is done, contain various pre-programmed zapper programs, shut off automatically when the recommended voltage is not reached and other options.

You will then attach the zapper through its electrodes to either wetted wristbands that you can put around your wrists, around your ankles or around your feet or as Dr. Clark had her patients zap, with handles put under their feet. Carbon handles are very effective for this. They are highly ecological, very conducive and therefore you do not need to put a wet  kitchen paper  towel around them and they do not cause any irritation of the skin, whereas this might happen to some people by using the wristbands. You can also construct your own zapper. Dr. Clark gave instructions on how to do this in her books. It is however very important that you have it checked with an oscilloscope to assure that it stays in the positive offset at all times, for should it sink into the negative for a split of a second, it will be sustaining the life of the pathogens.

Some people that read our website, contact us saying : "I want the device that kills cancer". It is true that many have had success using the Zapper alone, but please bear in mind that the Zapper is part of Dr. Clark's protocol, it should be used together with the cleanses and cleanups.

It is also a good idea to take digestive enzymes after zapping as these will eat up the refuse left off by dying parasites and pathogens.

Pace-maker wearers and pregnant women should not use a zapper.

Plate-zapping is a very effective and targeting way of zapping. You can read more about Plate-zapping

Read more about zapping

(Excerpts taken from "The Cure of all Diseases" book and "The Prevention of all Cancers" book)

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