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The Dr. Clark Information Center is an independent organization dedicated to bring you the latest information about Dr. Hulda Clark.

Dr. Clark Information Center is non commercial. We do not sell any products. There are a number of companies that market the Clark products online and offline.

Here are a few links that you may want to try. We do not receive any commissions from them nor are we in any way commercially linked with them. We recommend them because we have made good experiences with these companies. There are many others that you may want to look into, and you can find them in a search engine.

Dr. Clark Research Association sell products both in the US and in Europe, and to retail customers as well as to wholesale customers. They have the full selection of Clark products including herbs, vitamins and minerals, zappers and frequency generators, and books:

Tools for Healing has been around for several years. they also sell most of the produtcs needed for the Clark protocol, especially all kinds of devices like zappers and colloidal silver makers, but also for clean air and water:

Health Leads is a source of products in England. They are producing many of their products themselves according to Dr. Hulda Clark's standards and have been serving the European community for many years:

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