Liver flush improves eyesight

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I wanted to let you know our experience with the liver cleanse. 4 days before he liver cleanse we zapped and took digestive enzymes one hour after zapping, wormwood and cloves after lunch and dinner. Saturday we finished the liver cleanse and by evening we were already in good shape, though slightly tired. Carlita and I noticed that we both could see better. 

Last year I lost a bit 'of my sight, I see things bleary, both by day and by night, and the colors are not as strong and intense as they used to be, Instead Sunday I saw clearly.. it seeme that I recovered what I lost in a year. It seemed very incredible to me, but today after 5 days I can still see very clearly, and with much more intensity. Besides the eyesight we have also reached a different intestinal balance, less stressful and we sleep better at night, I do not have flatulences at night anymore and my heartbeats have regularized, as well as my arterial pressure. I will continue to zap for 15 days and will continue with the supplements and will definitely follow your advice to repeat the event after 30 days, considering the good initial results we have had. Today I spoke to Dr. L. , a great vascular surgeon, the best in his field in Italy and with the CCSVI intervention is curing several famous people with multiple sclerosis. He was very enthusiastic to hear what I did and asked if he can contact you. Both I and Carlita thank you for helping us with this protocol..

C. C.

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