cancer on nose

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Ever since I have know the Clark therapy, I have always thought that if I had a serious problem I would have tried this method on myself and on my pets. A few weeks ago I received the opportunity to try it on my cat for a problem that would only worsen with time since her diagnosis was cancer of the nose with a plague on the palate and the remedy would have been the administration of cortisone. Before knowing that she had cancer, I gave her herbs thinking it was a common cold with phlegm and sneezing but there was no improvement not even by giving niacin to fludify the phlegm.


I decided to to to the vet and she suspected that it was cancer since she has a couple of similar cases a year, but in order to exclude any doubts, she asked me to give my cats antibiotics for 5 days and a fluidifier for the catarrh, but it didn’t help. I tested my cat with the syncrometer and decided to give her medication and simultaneously apply the Clark method for the treatment of tumors in pets, strengthening the immune system, changing water supply and food and as soon as the medication was finished I gave her the parasite cleanse, water parsley and other products and zapping. Before treatment she was constantly sneezing and her nose was always blocked. After 1 week of Clark treatment she has greatly improved and now comes into the house searching for food. After 11 days of treatment, the nose is completely cleared up and the plague on the palate is reduced by about a third.


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