Avoided double by-pass

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Dear Cristina, in a mail from you dated 10 Febr. 2013 you told me something about Chelation Therapy. I researched it on google and found good information. Also, my husband, who suffered a heart attack, and was about to enter the hospital in Lucerne Switzerland for a double bypass, read up on it. We contacted one of the chelation therapists, Dr. Kessler who practices in Lucerne. He said the treatment would be very good in itself. But if it would work without surgery, he did not know. He told us to contact a heart specialist in Hirslanden Clinic, Lucerne, for more details. 

The heart specialist thought that the effects of the heart attack would not improve without an intervention. He said that the clogged coronary vessels would not regenerate with only a chelation therapy , however he thought it to be a good support and therefore my husband should continue with it. A few days ago my husband had to enter the hospital for a whole day to undergo all the necessary tests, which included X-rays, ultrasounds and other, to clarify his situation and in preparation for his surgery. (In the meantime, my husband has already done 8 chelation infusions. In total he should do 30) The doctors evaluated the x-rays and tests and we received the following telephone communication: "No surgery is required, so far so good." This is very good news and I thought that I should also notify you and therefore I would also like to thank you and the whole Dr. Clark team for the suggestion. My husband is now doing the kidney cleanse and is fixing up his teeth.

With many thanks and kind regards A. L.

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