Benefits of liver cleansing

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Floriana 45, I attended the liver cleanse weekend in April 2013 but I had already started treatment with ND Albicocchi November 2012, I have recovered a lot in health and energy. I started treatment after 7 months of total disappearance of the menstrual cycle, insomnia, fatigue and a lot of other disorders that are gradually disappearing. At first I had some fear doing the liver cleanse but after hearing the experiences of the other participants that were on their second cleanse, I calmed down.


In fact apart from a little 'nausea and having to run often to the bathroom, it is not that drammatic. . The hotel that hosts us is very comfortable, the staff friendly, sauna and swimming pool at our disposal. Diet is based on vegetables, fruit and vegetables juices therefore great healthy recipes so I also learned how to eat healthy again. We were followed step by step through the various stages by Dr. Albicocchi, and its splendid staff. After the cleanse, I felt reborn and had an incredible strength and energy that I thought was lost. The energy of when I was 20 !!! I will never stop to thank ND. Silvia Albicocchi for giving me the opportunity to reach a good level of wellbeing and health.


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