Prostate adenoma

I want to tell my story about the care of Dr. Albicocchi and the Clark method. It is since a long time that I had to get up 5 to 10 times per night, having a prostate adenoma . In addition to this condition, I had been losing weight and had no appetite and no strength. I am 85 years old. I was in a Spa in Riolo Italy where I benefited in some way from the diets and mud wraps described by Dr. Sangiorgi , but the recovery was too slow. It was there that I learned about Dr. Albicocchi . 

Though it was middle of August, vacation month for Italy , Dr. Albicocchi visited me and treated me on a Sunday , and I began to see a bit of light ! Wheat and corn and meat were deleted from my diet, I am 183 cm (72’47”) tall and weigh a little more than 50kg (110 pounds). As soon as I returned to Rome , I started the diet given to me by Dr. Albicocchi , together with the supplements she prescribed as well as the zapper. I started to put on a bit of weight. Around September or October, I should have undergone surgery, according to the opinion of two famous urologists, however it wasn’t necessary anymore because evidently my prostate shrunk to the point that now I sleep well and need to get up only twice a night if I am having a bad night. Since September I have regained 5 kg (11 pounds), for me that I've always been skinny, this is a lot since the most I have ever weighed was 62 kg (136 pounds) . The zapper is a spectacular tool , as well as the Physiospect . My wife also benefited from the treatment , even though she, unlike me , is not very constant. And to think that nearly everything was already written in Dr. Clark’s book that we have since years. Thank you Dr. Albicocchi , now we will make good use of this book.

Sincerely A. F.

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