Zapper - chronic sinus rhinitis

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I started using the zapper for a chronic sinus rinitis problems and it has improved dramatically to the point I can breath easily now and morning secretion has lowered significantly. Also with a serious problems in my gums, in fact I lost a tooth already because of it, is is slowly improving and I hope it clears away by the time I finish the treatment. Otherwise, I will continue to apply a new treatment sesión after about one week, and will let you know. Kudos to Dra. Clark from Santiago Chile

UTI, teeth, zapping

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Dear Dr. Clark Information Team,

Approximately 12 years ago, I had a UTI that doctors could not cure. I was prescribed antibiotics twice with no relief. I searched for alternatives. The infection got so bad, the skin on my eyelids hardened from lack of vitamin A. I tried tea tree oil internally. It was a bad idea, It didn't help my infection and it depleted my intestinal flora. I was pretty scared and out of ideas. Then I found Dr.Clark. She saved me. I started zapping and got immediate relief. About 4 and a half years ago I experienced a significant diminishment in my ability to smell and taste. I was alarmed. I tried conventional doctors, but I couldn't get through an MRI. They had no explanation for my symptoms. I was pretty sure I was headed for surgery and worse. Then I remembered Dr. Clark. I did the 4, clean ups. I bypassed my water softener. I'm on a well so I had no worries about bleach. I started losing weight. Took me a year, but I finally removed my 2 crowned first molars. I did the kidney cleanse then drank the kidney herbs daily. I did the herbal parasite cleanse, tried several herbs, bought a syncrometer, read and reread all Dr. Clarks books. 

CD4 count rise

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Good day Dr Clark, I have read your book on the cure for HIV and I have started to use the method and have seen CD4 count rise in one week. RE

Papilloma virus and precancerous cells

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Dear Cristina, I was diagnosed from a routine gynecological check-up, with Papilloma virus caused by modified abnormal cells . After another three check-ups where the situation did not change and not wanting to undergo surgery, I began Dr. Clark’s protocols. I did the kidney cleanse, the parasite cleanse, zapping and I took folic acid. After 3 months I redid a check-up and the doctor told me I was completely cured! The precancerous cells and the papilloma virus were gone! I still need to do the liver cleanse but thank you so much for your great advice. LD


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CLEANSES – DECEMBER 2012 Just wanted you to know that I had trichinella in my muscles that caused my fibromyalgia - did Hulda's parasite cleanse and passed them x2. Also had giardia and did homeopathy. Lastly this year I had cancer of the left breast. Got tested with the QX CI biofeedback machine and had human intestinal fluke and entomeba histolytica and did Hulda's parasite cleanse again. In 6 wks when I was retested on the machine they were gone and so was my cancer. I now do a wkly maintenance and a daily zapper. God bless Hulda( I know she passed away) and thank you for all you do . M.N.

Lung cancer and plate-zapping

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We grew up with Hulda Clark and plate zapping for cancer. Used her directions to knock out cancer when my wife's tests showed it was still there in her lung. Spent 12 days sitting at her art table with her feet on copper tube electrodes, with the original zapper, 12 v square wave, with two plates in the circuit on which were placed specimens of pathogens and tissue. These plates/capacitors picked up ALL the frequencies of the sample, not just the prime freq, and delivered these to the body. The tissue frequencies were used to concentrate the signal at the target tissue, and the pathogen freqs were used to deactivate the critters and their offspring/garbage. Every 20 minutes the timer went off and she changed the bottles on the plates to the next part. About six hrs per day for 12 days, a gruelling time for sure, but we didn't have any automation in those days, just the raw info and directions from Hulda. Went for the detail tests after 12 days so the docs could decide what to do, but they concluded that 'it must have been a shadow on the x-ray' That was more than 15 years ago. No more fear of cancer, ever. Thanks to Ken and others we have been able to keep everything else at bay, heart disease, aftermath of subdural hematoma, lyme’s disease, but still doing battle with dementia, (family history very strong, all her fathers family succumbing to it). 'We intend to live to far so good'. (My favorite bumper sticker) Phil."

Dr. Clark's cleanses removed itching

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December 2012 - Italy
With the usual genital itching, - I have an episode every two or three years -I wanted to try the parasite cleanse. My fear was the walnut tincture, because as a child I have had very adverse reactions to walnut. I tried a drop. It caused a bit of itching and perhaps a slight swelling of the tonsils, but also an immediate, and I mean “immediate” alleviation of itching, no red pimples on the arms, or trouble breathing caused by a swollen tongue. I took the other two products and they also did not give me any negative reaction, but rather a general relief. I followed your advice and took the rose hip and selenium, and this morning, before breakfast, I took magnesium –always Clark products- , vitamin B6 as I read that these are important for kidney function-and I took coenzyme q10, after which I had an immediate feeling of well-being. L.

Liver cleanse helps during pregnancy

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I suffered from Obstetric Cholestasis in the third trimester of two pregnancies.

The first resulted in an emergency C-section, and the second an early elected C-section because of my worsening condition.

Although I have a very long story to tell regarding both pregnancies and births, I simply want to share how I changed my third pregnancy/delivery by using Dr. Clark's liver cleanse.


Ich danke Ihnen für die interessanten Neuigkeiten. Ich habe mehrere Leberreinigungen nach dem Rezept von Dr. Clark angewandt und habe eine deutliche Verbesserung meiner Gesundheit festgestellt.

Vielen Dank für Ihre kontinuierliche und leidenschaftliche Forschung.

BLUTZUCKER-Stabilisierung -NOVEMBER 2012

Meine Damen und Herren: Vielen Dank,dass Sie mit dieser Email meiner Gesundheit nachgehen, nachdem ich Schwarzwalnusstinktur und Nelken bestellt habe..Ich habe meinen eigenenWermutanbauzu Hause.

Es erscheint angemessen,meine erste Erfahrungmit derParasitenkurdarzulegen.

Mein Blutzuckerwarschrecklich schwankendenfür circa 3 oder4 Jahre.Sowohl meine Frau als auch ichhatten es satt, konnte aber keine Lösung finden. Ich beschäftige mich mit Naturkost und der natürlichenHeilung schon seit über 40Jahren.

Zähne, NOVEMBER 2012

Ich hatte mir gerade in Mexiko 3 wurzelbehandelte Zaehne entfernen lassen.

Grandsons Seizures

NOV 2012

Brain Infection

NOV 2012

Liebe Christina,
vielen Dank für Ihre Nachricht.

87 Years Of Age

Ich bin 87 Jahre alt von 1925 und ich habe die Leberreinigung zwei Mal gemacht, in Mai und in Juli 2012.

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