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Dr. Hulda R. Clark, PhD.
1928 - 2009

"From time Immemorial healthy people have held sick people hostage"

With this informational website we want to help you become familiar with the remarkable findings of Dr. Clark while we remain as neutral as possible about Dr. Clark and her protocols so that you may decide for yourself.

Through our website we want to show you how the application of Dr. Clark's work will improve your health and well-being in a simple but effective manner.

By doing so, this will enable you to follow Dr. Clark's quote:

Step into a new world. A world without chronic diseases.
Step out of your old world. It has kept you a prisoner.
Try something new. The prison has no walls. It has only lines. Lines that mark the ground around you. Inside the lines are your old ideas. Outside are new ideas that invite you to step over and escape your prison. Dare to try these new ideas and your illness promises to recede. In a few weeks it can be gone

Dr. Clark's approach is that of Self-Health.
"Self-health means keeping yourself healthy. Doing it yourself"

Some keywords in the Clark therapy are:

Hulda Clark • Clark Zapper • Syncrometer
Parasite cleanse • Liver cleanse

We look forward to helping you know what these and many more are all about and how to use her cleanses and devices.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have after reading the information we have placed on this site.

As a service, we post a list of professionals and therapists who apply the Clark protocol and also list some sources of distributors who are committed to Dr. Clark's standards for product purity.

The Secret of Water

There are two kinds of water in the USA and in the world. The world is patterning after the USA in its water processing and delivery. Hopefully, this will be investigated very carefully by all nations trying to sanitize their food and water.

One kind has the cancer-causer, the other kind does not.

Water should be pure and free of bad bacteria; it should bring us minerals, some oxygen, a proper magnetic polarization (to be discussed later) and it should even taste good. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and even the Department of Agriculture have shared the responsibility for good water quality and have done their utmost to keep it so. They could not prevent the universal contamination of our water with hundreds of solvents, metals, pesticides and other chemicals. They could not prevent the tragedy that we now see in an explosion of illnesses beginning in childhood. We already have a generation of sick children. There was no reason to suspect the water, which we all, sick or healthy, have come to rely on. It is regularly tested, though not for the correct items.

"A healthy society benefits each of us immensely. Likewise an ill society injures us immensely"
Dr. Hulda Clark

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